AUDIO PLUS's Carens win in 2 different Class

Jun 10, 2007
This KIA Carens II is one of Audio Plus's masterpiece for 2007.

It took 3 months to build the exterior of the car (body kits, rims, tires, sport kit, and muffler).

It took another 3 months to build the interior of the car (re-built the dashboard, re-built the doors, re-built the seats, make a whole new fiberglass floor, make a custom door garnish, and make a custom carpet ).

And finally 6 months to build the audio of the car (find the best speaker placement, angle, fine tuning passive crossover, active crossover, time alignment, equalizer, and accoustic treatment).

The result from Djarum Autoblackthrough, Jogjakarta, 9-10 June 2007 really pay off the hard works :)
We won 2 prizes in 2 different category: '50 Million Rupiah' Class and 'Free For All (Unlimited)' Class.
Another proof that Audio Plus's equipment worthy of '50 Million Rupiah' can win against competitor's equipment worthy of more than '200 Million Rupiah' (4 times more expensive).

Jury's comment on the 50 Million Class:
"The 'high' is very impressive. It is complete from the beginning of the notes till the end. I can hear clearly when the stick touch the cymbals and follows by a nice shimmering at the end. The 'mid' is also one of the best. It is well focused with precise pitch and timbre"

Jury's comment on the Free for All (Unlimited) Class:
"Did the other competitior listen to your car? This car is a real champ. I judged your car firstly in the morning and after then I am loosing the presence of the vocal when I judged the rest of the cars"

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